Sharyl Attkisson: ‘Common Sense’ Says Comey Saw Something ‘Significant’

Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “America Talks Live,” while discussing the FBI reopening the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, “Full Measure,” host Sharyl Attkisson said “common sense,” says FBI Director James Comey must have seen “evidence of something significant,” enough to inform Congress.

When asked if Comey must have seen something “big,” Attkisson said, “Yes I do. And I have no inside information on that. But my common sense leads me to believe that of course the FBI agent who first looked at the material, on the two teams that had to brief Comey, the ones handling the Clinton Foundation and the ones handling the Weiner investigation, came to him and apparently said something they knew from their cursory examinations of what they found so far or from something Anthony Weiner might have told them. There is all kinds of possibilities. If  there was relevant information that was significant enough that Comey had to measure what would happen if he didn’t disclose something now and if it were to come out after the election. And because he choose to go ahead and take a very drastic step and make this announcement before the election leads me to conclude that as bad as the fallout is, he has calculated it would have been worse of he had waited until afterwords, and then it was now in retrospect what he had known prior to that. So that indicates to me that there is some evidence of something significant.”

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