Scarborough: No Idea How Obama Has ‘Audacity’ to Second-Guess the FBI

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” while discussing President Obama’s remarks on the FBI reopening the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, co-host Joe Scarborough accused President Obama of “audacity” for questioning FBI Director James Comey’s decision.

Scarborough said, “I have no idea how Barack Obama has the audacity — and I will say the audacity, to make those statements when ‘The Wall Street Journal’ points out this morning and I remember, and you remember very well, he came out in November while FBI agents were still gathering evidence before they had all the evidence in their hands. He said in 2015 there was nothing here to see. She had not done anything that would cause any problems to national security. He not only said that, I believe in October of 2015, he doubled down as chief law enforcement officer in America in undercutting the FBI investigators again in the spring of 2016.”

“So much so that ‘The New York Times’ wrote an article earlier this year saying that he had angered a lot of FBI agents and investigators by trying to step in without any evidence, without knowing anything about the case at all, and draw his own conclusions and try to influence the outcome of the case,” he continued. “So there may be, Mika, some actors with clean hands here that could come out and criticize James Comey for what he did, for not acting on innuendo and not all of the information, but President Obama —and the record is very clear on this point— is the last person in the world to cast aspersions in that realm because he has been the worst of all actors in his position and most irresponsible from the start in trying to influence an investigation that he knew very little about.”

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