Conway: Comey ‘Mishandled’ Clinton Investigation From Beginning

Sunday on MSNBC while reacting to FBI Director James Comey announcing after a review of emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the FBI’s July conclusion that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will not be charged with a crime has not changed, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Comey “mishandled the investigation” into Clinton’s  Hillary Clinton’s use of a private unsecured email server during her tenure as secretary of state,

Conway said, “I immediately thought that he’s mishandled the investigation from the beginning and this proves it yet again. In other words, why the dribs and drabs? Why the investigation is over; no, it’s not; I was just kidding, or we’re not pressing charges but let me go to Congress two days later and testify under oath all the things she did wrong that might lead a different prosecutor to press charges.”

(H/T The Hill)