FNC’s Chris Wallace: Comey Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” while reacting to FBI Director James Comey announcing after a review of emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the FBI’s July conclusion that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will not be charged with a crime has not changed, “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace said Comey “should have shut his mouth.”

Wallace said, “I have to say I’ve changed on the whole Comey thing. I thought when he made his announcement in July that —you can argue whether it was right or wrong — but that he was not going to press for a criminal indictment but in effect his speech was going to be a legal indictment. That seemed to be to me a fairly satisfactory answer. Now looking back on it, I think he should have shut his mouth. They just should have put out announcement that investigation is closed there is no criminal action. He shouldn’t have testified before congress. If he hadn’t testified before congress he wouldn’t felt the obligation to make this announcement ten days ago. He wouldn’t felt obligation to make another announcement. I think criminal prosecutors  should be not seen and not heard and he became much too much of a political player in this whole thing. That isn’t what the FBI director is supposed to be.”

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