Carville: Turnout In North FL, Rural VA Will Bleed Into Michigan, ‘It Worries Me’

During MSNBC’s Election Day coverage, former Clinton Campaign Manager James Carville said that turnout in north Florida in rural Virginia would “bleed over” into Michigan, and “it worries me about Michigan.”

Carville said that while he was feeling much better about Virginia, “I mean, if you have all this turnout in north Florida, if you have all this turnout in rural Virginia, if you have all this turnout, it’s going to bleed over into Michigan. I mean, it’s very hard for me to see a scenario. I hope I’m wrong. I desperately want to be wrong. I’m not in the business of being right here tonight, but it worries me about Michigan. You know, we’re getting to the point here, several past the 270, but we’re getting to the point where some of them are getting cut off. I was much more optimistic about Florida, obviously, but, I mean, still a very good chance that she’ll be the next president, but I would say to Democrats watching this, don’t tune out yet.”

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