Schweizer Calls for ‘Major IRS Investigation’ of Clinton Foundation

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” while discussing the latest WikiLeaks hacks on Clinton Foundation resources being used to pay for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer said, “there needs to be a major IRS investigation.”

Schweizer said, “I would not say they are out of the woods, and look, as it’s been explained to me by people in the know, let’s just say in that FBI sphere, the thinking is basically that they are going to have one bite at this apple. You are not going to be able to go after the Clintons and charge them with multiple offenses. So what could be going on here is this their belief that the Clinton Foundation case is actually stronger than the email case, and they don’t want to risk losing the email case and not being able to bring the Clinton Foundation case. That certainly is a possibility.”

Commenting on Chelsea’s wedding, he continued, “It’s definitely not legal, and it’s just more in the bread trail, as it were, that shows that the Clinton Foundation was not a legitimate charity. In this particular case, it’s an email from Doug Band, who is Bill Clinton’s right-hand man, saying this is what Clinton Foundation funds are used for. It follows on other internal reviews that were done outside, law firms and entities that say this was a political operation, it was not a charitable organization and the blurring of these lines that Chelsea, Bill, and other people were monetizing their relationship to the Clinton Foundation. Look, if nothing else, there needs to be a major IRS investigation and its, by the way, criminal conduct.”

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