FS1’s Broussard on Trump Winning: ‘It’s a Sad Day for Much of Black America’

During Wednesday’s “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, FS1 NBA analyst Chris Broussard said the black community is “distraught” over the results of the election, adding that President-Elect Donald Trump winning makes for a “sad day for much of black America.”

“I do think that there was a little push back by some segments of America over, you know, what they feel like they’re losing control of the country,” Broussard told host Colin Cowherd. “And I think that’s in response to some of the Black Lives Matter. Even some people may not have liked having an African-American president, although he did get elected twice.  So, I just think that those are some of the things that came into play. I really was not a fan of Trump or Hillary, but African-Americans on the whole are very — I mean, a lot of my family members, very, very distraught. I mean, I’m not as concerned, even though I didn’t vote for Trump, I’m not as concerned that, you know, tragedy is on the way for the black community, but a lot of blacks are. And you know, it’s a sad day for much of black America, I’ll tell you that.”

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