Paul Begala: Democrats Failed To Inspire Young Voters

Wednesday on CNN, Democratic strategist Paul Begala said Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves for failing to inspire young people to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Begala said, “I have a different take as a political professional. Six million, 80 thousand, 642 people fewer voted for the Democrat this time than the last. That is on me. My party. It is on Hillary. But these young people — first off any peaceful protest in America is a beautiful thing. It is. And this is so far as we know entirely peaceful. But what does the president say every time somebody boos at his rally? He says don’t boo, vote.”

He added, “I blame myself and the rest of my party for not inspiring these young people. I tried my hardest. I broke my back. I did. I know I failed and I’m dealing with that. It’s cost me a lot of sleep. But I need, and others like me, to find a way to connect with these people. And I guarantee they are very young and I guarantee their hearts are broken. And I guarantee that we should have moved them to vote yesterday rather than protest today. And that is the failure of the elites and the establishment in my party. And some is them too. They should have been south there voting. But it is mostly on me.”

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