Watch: Report Shows Varying Prices for Online Shoppers of Same Product at Same Store

Per a CBS Miami report, the price you see for a certain product while shopping online may not be the same price everyone else sees when shopping online for the same product at the same store.

The device you use, your location and your browsing history can be used by online retailers to determine what price you pay, the report says.

A study conducted by researchers at Boston’s Northeastern University found nine out of the 16 online retailers and travel websites tested showed varying prices for the same searches.

When researchers searched Rosetta Stone’s online language software, they found the price of $249 for Levels 1-5 of Mandarin Chinese on a desktop computer, while those who searched on their mobile devices were offered the same products for $189.

A spokesperson for Travelocity told CBS Miami that it sometimes offers lower prices for people who use smartphones.

Home Depot said sometimes it can have different prices for people in different regions.

Check prices on both devices to see if you can find a better deal.

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