Heilemann: Trump’s Cabinet Shaping Up to Be Really a ‘Group of Old White Men’

Sunday on NBC’s “Today,” Bloomberg Politics co-managing editor John Heilemann said President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet was “shaping up” to be, “a group of old white men.”

Heilemann, said, “I see a really really old white— group of old white men. I say that not to be snide, but I think that the groups that now in the country that are most concerned  about what they are seeing coming out of the Trump Administration is the vast millions and millions of nonwhite Americans who are looking at that group not because it’s so white, but also because if you take them together, Bannon, Flynn and Sessions all three have a history of being involved in at a minimum, racially insensitive endeavors, and some people worse than that.”

“So part of the thing here is that I think that’s unsettling to a large number of people,” he continued. “It will take us to our conversation about ‘Hamilton’ in a minute. But that is what you see there. It’s a hard — that’s a hard-line group on immigration, on foreign policy, on politics. Apart from Reince Priebus who in that group is the only kind of obvious pragmatist in the group. That’s an ideological group and that’s a hard-line group.”

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