Dem Rep Ryan: ‘We’re Not Even a National Party At This Point,’ ‘In Denial’ About Election

On Monday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH), who is challenging House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), argued Democrats are “not a national party,” and “in denial of what happened last Tuesday.”

Ryan said that he can help Democrats win the House back and persuade people who voted for Trump that the Democrats have the best economic message for them.

He added that is message to his fellow House Democrats is, “how many seats do we have to lose before we make a change?” Ryan continued, “I mean, we’re to the point now where we’re not even a national party at this point. We have some support on the coasts, but we’ve lost the support of middle America. We are not a national party, and we better make some big changes.”

Ryan also argued that Democrats are going to have clear contrast with GOP majorities in Congress and a Trump administration, and need “new leadership” to take advantage of this. He further said, “We need to develop a new Democratic Party, because right now, our party is in denial of what happened last Tuesday.”

(h/t WFB)

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