Purdue Professor: ‘I Would Have a Hard Time’ Talking to a Relative Who Voted for Trump

During an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s “CNN Newsroom,” author, New York Times opinion writer, and Purdue Associate Professor of English Roxane Gay stated she “would have a hard time” talking to a relative who voted for Donald Trump.

Gay said she would talk politics over Thanksgiving, and that she has a Republican brother who, she joked, “voted for Hillary Clinton, thank goodness. So we can speak to him. He won’t be banished.”

When asked, “You truly wouldn’t speak to a relative who voted for Trump?” Gay responded, “I mean, it depends. I mean, I think that a vote for Trump is a vote against so much of what I stand for and believe in, that I would have a hard time, but I think it’s very easy to say oh, I’m never going to speak to you again. And in reality, you love who you love. And so, I think a lot of people are going to bridge the distances between them and their family members over the holidays, and, you know, I honestly can’t fault that.”

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