Rubio Dodges on Trusting Trump With Nuclear Codes: ‘The Voters Chose Him’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) twice dodged the question on if he trusts President-elect Donald Trump with the nuclear codes instead answering the voters chose Trump.

When asked if he still had reservations as he expressed during the election about President-elect Trump having the nuclear codes, Rubio said, “We had an election and ultimately the voters chose him both as our nominee and now as our president. The election is over. It comes time to govern. We’ll give him every chance to be successful. That’s what I’m focused on now. At some point elections end and governing needs to begin. We’ll have another election for congress in two years and another election for president in four. Right now my hope is that this president is given the opportunity, this president-elect is given the opportunity to be successful and that’s a long tradition in this country.”

When asked again, Rubio said,”I feel comfortable voters have chosen him to be the commander-in-chief. And we are going to give him every change to be a successful one. Ultimately it will be incumbent upon him as any president who is elected t0 prove their capability in that role. And he deserves that opportunity. He’s earned it at the ballot box. ”

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