Watch: NYT’s Helene Cooper Defends Fidel Castro, Decries America’s ‘View’ of Him

During Sunday’s “Meet the Press” on NBC, New York Times Pentagon correspondent Helene Cooper remembered Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro in the wake of his death.

Cooper criticized the “American-centric view” of Castro, saying America views him as a “satanic demon.”

Instead, Cooper praised Castro for how he helped liberate South Africa as she was a child growing up in Liberia.

“The Castro that I grew up knowing as a child growing up in Liberia was a Castro who fought the South African apartheid regime that the United States was propping up,” Cooper said. “It was a Castro that sent Cuban soldiers into Angola and helped to bring down apartheid South Africa. And so there’s a lot of ambivalence when you look Fidel Castro that’s usually not reflected here. I think what President Obama’s statement was doing was reflecting that. But I know you disagree with me,” she told host Chuck Todd.

(h/t Newsbusters)

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