Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s Attacks on Hillary’s Health Would Not Have Worked on a Man

Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,”  host Andrea Mitchell said candidate Donald Trump’s attacks on Hillary Clinton’s health wouldn’t have worked as well if his opponent was a man.

Partial transcript as follows:

TODD: I always said the problem for her is she was — her last name was the problem, not her gender. The last name said establishment. It said NAFTA, which by the way, totally underestimated in what I think mattered to some of them in the rust belt. It was stronger than people realized. Bernie helped raise it in the Democratic side and she never had a good answer.

MITCHELL: They didn’t see the warning signs. One thing on gender, could they have made fake news, negative campaign against a man on health issues? She’s got Alzheimer’s. She’s going to die of this or that. That was out there. They have records now. They have tracked it back. Could you have done that after the pneumonia? She’s weak Hillary. Not the crooked Hillary but the weak Hillary. Could he have done that against a man as effectively as he did against a woman? I don’t think so.

TODD: I don’t know. I think you are right. I think a lot of women believe that’s the case

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