Paul Ryan on Trump Presidency: ‘I Didn’t See This One Coming’

During Friday’s broadcast of “CBS This Morning,” a preview of an interview Scott Pelly conducted with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) set to air Sunday night was featured in which Ryan discussed the forthcoming Trump presidency.

Ryan acknowledged they had their difference in the past and that he did not see this election outcoming coming, but he was upbeat about the prospect of working with Trump to accomplish things.

Partial transcript as follows:

PELLY: You called Donald Trump a racist.

RYAN: No I didn’t. I said his comment was.

PELLY: Uh huh. I’m not sure there’s a great deal of daylight between those two definitions, but he definitely called you ineffective and disloyal. Have you patched it up?

RYAN: Yeah, we’re fine. We’re not looking back. We’re looking forward. We actually – like I said, we speak about every day. It’s not about looking back in the past. That’s back in the past. We’re way beyond that.

PELLY: Did you believe he could be nominated, really?

RYAN: Yeah, no – I didn’t see this one coming. He knows that.

Donald Trump – he was a very unconventional candidate. He’s going to be an unconventional president. What I like about it, like I said in my almost daily conversations is he’s just a get things done kind of guy.

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