Dem Rep Adam Schiff: Trump Is a ‘Propaganda Piece for the Kremlin’

Monday on MSNBC while discussing Russian involvement in hacking during the presidential election, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said “by continuing to deny it” President-elect Donald Trump has “essentially become a propaganda piece for the Kremlin.”

Schiff, “Sadly Donald Trump has gotten an intelligence briefing so he knows better. This is deeply concerning. It is one thing when he doesn’t get regular briefings, and he hasn’t been, but another when he ignores what the intelligence community’s best assessments are. There is overwhelming evidence of the Russian involvement in the hacks. By denying it, by continuing to deny it he’s essentially become a propaganda piece for the Kremlin.”

“They would love to sow doubt about their involvement in the campaign and the president-elect is giving them the most phenomenal cover,” he continued. “I find it deeply disturbing. During the campaign and now after, he’s still willing to disregard the plain intelligence. It means when it doesn’t suit him, he will ignore it. He will choose his own facts. You simply can’t have that in a commander in chief. There will be a time there is a national security crisis and the American people need to believe him. This makes it difficult.”

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