Keith Ellison: Trump Had His Chance, It’s Time for Democrats to ‘Fight’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), a potential candidate for the Democratic National Committee chair, said President-elect Donald Trump had his chance, even though he has not yet been sworn in. Thus, it was now it is time for Democrats to “fight.”

Partial transcript as follows:

HAYES: You’re in the House, not the Senate. The Senate will hold the confirmation hearings but presumably the party is having conversations about how the Democratic party on Capitol Hill deals with this. There are ways that your colleagues in the Senate really can obstruct, they can fight, they cannot allow voice votes, they can call for roll call votes, they can make these hearings go for a while. Do you think they should do all that?

ELLISON: Absolutely I do because, look, in the very beginning, right when Trump won, everyone said, some folks in leadership said we’re going to be nice, we’re not going to try to obstruct him from the moment he won, like the Republicans did to Obama. We’ll give him a chance. But when they got that chance, the first thing they did is got Bannon in there, openly white supremacist guy, openly alt right. Then the next thing they do is start filling up with, you know, one guy who is a foreclosure king at treasury, one person who is against public education to be head of education. They’ve had their chance. It’s time for us to fight. It’s not about Democrats and Republicans. it’s about Donald Trump versus the American people. The people he promised he was going to be fighting for, he’s actually fighting against. I think it’s our duty to not give any quarter at this point with these nominees.”

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