Michael Moore: Irony ‘Racist’ Trump Won Under ‘Arcane’ Electoral College to Placate Slave States ‘Unbearable’

Wednesday on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said the “irony” is “unbearable,” that Donald Trump who said so many “racist,” things during the campaign would “benefit from a law from the 1700s to placate the slave states.”

Moore said, “Well here’s the Democrats’ biggest problem, and this includes people who voted for Hillary. They don’t act like they won. They won. She’s 2.7 million votes ahead of Trump tonight. Almost three million, almost as many votes as Obama got in 2012. So the Democrats, this is the second time this has happened in 16 years, it happened with Gore, where they win the popular vote but lose the White House. This would be like the Giants beating the Patriots 21-19 and then the sportscasters going, ‘Well it’s too bad the Giants lost that game.’ It’s like, no, we have to get rid of this Electoral College.”

He continued, “I would be saying the same thing if Trump was ahead by 2.7 million votes. I would accept the fact that my fellow Americans wanted him as president of the United States. I wouldn’t like it. I would accept it. The fact is the majority of my fellow Americans did not want him. And if you add in the votes for Jill Stein and guy who didn’t know where Aleppo was. If you add that in, that’s 54 percent of the voters didn’t want Donald Trump. Only 46 percent did. So he is going to not have a mandate. The majority of our fellow Americans do not want him in the White House. But because of an arcane law from the 1700s that was set up to placate the slave states so they would join the union, so they gave them a little more power, because they had a lesser population. So in the irony of a man who said so many things that were racist during the campaign, that he would benefit from a law from the 1700s to placate the slave states, is just, the irony of it is unbearable, unbearable.”

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