Judge Jeanine: It’s Time for Dems to Show ‘Dignity and Respect’ to Trump

Saturday, Fox News Channel “Justice” host Jeanine Pirro told Democrats that it is time they accept the results of the 2016 presidential election and show President-elect Donald Trump “dignity and respect.”

Pirro singled out President Barack Obama and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) for pushing the Russian interference probe, as well as Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein for wanting an election recount across multiple states, saying them and other “namby-pamby pathetic losers” should all united in showing the same “dignity and respect” to Trump that they did for Obama when he was elected.

Partial transcript as follows:

Move over Barack, move over Hillary, Harry [Reid] and Jill [Stein] and all of you namby-pamby pathetic losers still crying in your grande double shot skinny lattes. There was a time in this country when we united behind the flag in celebration of America’s new president, our new leader. We all did so in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected. We had high hopes for a united country irrespective of our politics. And it’s time for the left, assuming they’re capable, to show the same dignity and class to the 45th president-elect. But no.

This week, the president himself, Barack Obama announces his intention to investigate whether Russia interferred with the presidential election, assigning our intelligence agencies to conclude the task before he leaves office. Seriously? Why now, Mr. President? You have been watching the release of information from WikiLeaks for months. You have watched the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails, in fact, some were even sent to you. You watched the release of John Podesta’s email and the disturbing information contained therein. You’ve watched double-talking mainstream media outed for providing questions to your hanpicked successor, Hillary Clinton, for months and you never say a word.

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