Florida Deputy Says God Gave Him Strength to Save Unresponsive Baby

A Florida deputy received an award Friday for being credited with saving the life of an unresponsive baby, WAFF reports.

When Shakira Nelson ran into the Tax Collector’s Office with her one-year-old son, C.J., last month, Deputy Steve Donaldson quickly rushed to help the mother who said the child had stopped breathing.

Worried he would hurt the young boy, Donaldson knew he had to work carefully.

After placing him on the floor, Donaldson performed infant CPR on C.J., and had the boy breathing on his own by the time Fire Rescue arrived.

The deputy does not take credit for helping save the child’s life.

“When I had [C.J.] in my arms, I said a little prayer and said, ‘God, give me strength to save this baby.’ And he did,” Donaldson said.

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