Hannity: Common Thread Among CIA, Dems, GOP ‘Never Trumpers’ Decrying Russian Hack Is ‘They Hate’ Trump

Monday in the opening monologue of his Fox News Channel show “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity questioned the motivation of those raising concerns over the possibility President-elect Donald Trump got an assist from the Russians in his election win last month.

Hannity noted that those raising concerns had one thing in common, which was they “hate” Trump.

“In other words, there’s no consensus between the FBI and the CIA. And according to the The New York Times, there’s no new information, intelligence or evidence from the CIA’s investigation into his allegations. So then why is this all of the sudden a big story? Now, The Daily Beast is also reporting that there’s a revolt going on inside the CIA. Why? Because employees quote, ‘hate’ Trump’s guts and they don’t like his National Security Advisor nominee retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.”

“And then you have Never-Trumpers like Senator [John] McCain and Lindsey Graham — well, they’re joining Chuck Schumer for a, quote, ‘bipartisan’ investigation into the so-called hacking when we have no new information, nothing new from before the election,” he continued. “Now, we shouldn’t be surprised at any of this as they all have one thing in common: They hate President-elect Trump. Now, if all of these people care so much about the Russian allegations, why didn’t they feel the same way about Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail scandal and the great threat that posed to our national security?”

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