GOP Sen Johnson: ‘I’m Sure Putin Is Shaking in His Boots’ Over Obama Threat to Take Action

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reacted to President Barack Obama’s pledge on NPR to take action on the alleged Russian hacking.

Obama had declared that the United States needs to take action and will take action in the interview. However, Johnson pointed out that often in Obama’s presidency, the president’s words were not followed with action.

“For most of his presidency, the only consequences are him saying that there are going to be serious consequences,” Johnson said. “So, I’m sure at this point in time, Vladimir Putin is just shaking in his boots. Now, there ought to be serious consequences but they should be relayed in advance to some of these state actors that are showing the kind of aggression because of America’s weakness in our response to them. So, we need to take this very seriously. It is not just about saying there will be serious consequences. There actually have to be some.”

Johnson went on to point out the “mess” President-elect Donald Trump is inheriting from Obama.

“Let’s face it, the next president, President Trump will be dealing with a real mess created by this president’s feckless and ineffective and weak foreign policy,” he added.

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