HBO’s Gumbel Rants About Technology in Sports: ‘Insane,’ ‘Get Rid of All Replay’

During a look into a computer calling balls and strikes in baseball games on Tuesday’s HBO “Real Sports” broadcast, host Bryant Gumbel called for an end to various technologies that have been added to sports, such as instant replay, to be taken out in order to preserve “the integrity of the game.”

“In my humble opinion, technology is ruining sports viewing,” Gumbel said. “[They] stop every two seconds for a replay, part of that is they go under the hood for a review… It’s insane.”

“Get rid of all replay,” he added.

Gumbel went on to reason that sports are moving towards being technological experiments rather than just simply games with human error.

“What’s next, guys?” he continued. “Do we put a chip in everybody’s cleat so that we can tell if they reached the bag before a tag? It’s sports. It’s supposed to be a game.  That’s what it is. It’s not a technological experiment. It’s a game!”

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