Gingrich: Once in DC Trump Must ‘Remain Honest,’ Unlike Obama Who ‘Kept Lying’

Wednesday on NPR’s ” Morning Edition,” President-elect Donald Trump adviser Newt Gingrich said because he was elected to disrupt the political establishment, it is important once in Washington D.C. Trump “remains honest,” who he said unlike President Obama, who “kept lying.”

Gingrich said, “He was elected by people who believe Washington has too much power, that the Washington bureaucracy is too arrogant and imperial. This was an election that had consequence. It probably rivals the Reagan election of ’80 and the FDR election of ’32 in that sense. Obama, by the way, had a similar election but couldn’t sustain it, partly because he kept lying.”

“And this will be a real test for Trump,” he continued. “If Trump remains honest and seems like a person who’s authentic, he’s going to go a long way. If, under the pressure of the city, he starts dissembling and saying things that aren’t true, he’ll decay, much as Obama did.”

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