Steve Twomey: Pearl Harbor Was A ‘Great Tragedy’ ‘For Japan’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” author and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Steve Twomey stated that a lot of young Japanese people “probably don’t know what a great tragedy” the attack on Pearl Harbor “was for Japan.”

Twomey said the visit by President Obama and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe was “a really important symbolic visit, and probably more for the Japanese people, than it is for us.”

He continued, “I think a lot of young Japanese don’t really understand how the war began, and the circumstances under which this attack occurred. And I think they probably don’t know what a great tragedy this attack was for Japan. It was the opening of a war they couldn’t possibly win, and they knew it, but they went ahead and attacked anyway, and the result was a terrible defeat.

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