NY Post’s Atkison: Trump ‘Is a Creature of The New York Post and Tabloid World’

Sunday on NBC;s “Meet the Press,” New York Post columnist Claire Atkinson said President-elect Donald Trump was “a creature” of the tabloid world.

Partial transcript as follows:

TODD: What can the Washington press corps learn from Donald Trump’s incredible interactions with the tabloids of New York over the last 30 years?

ATKISION: That’s a great question.

TODD: Since you are at “The New York Post.”

ATKISON: He is a creature of “The New York Post” and the tabloid world.

TODD: And he loves it.

ATKISON: Feature of our front pages for many years. Does love it. He obviously loves reading the paper as well. And I think he is a lover of all journalism. I think he reads things closely like you say. He is in contact with journalists. I feel like — I’m an immigrant, obviously. I’m from England. I voted for the first time in this election. And I was very taken aback by the results, as I think a lot of people were. And when I’m chatting with folks out there, they tell me two things. They tell me first that the media whiffed on this campaign completely.

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