Kellyanne Conway, CNN’s Chris Cuomo Clash Over Alleged Russian Hacking

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway took on show co-host Chris Cuomo over allegations the Russian government engaged in hacking to interfere with the last November’s presidential election.

Cuomo insisted President-elect Donald Trump should acknowledge Russia’s role in the hacking.

“Why won’t the president-elect acknowledge what is so clear to the intelligence community, that Russia was involved in the hacks?” Cuomo said.

Conway pointed out Trump has yet to receive his intelligence briefing on the matter, which is scheduled for later in the day. She also pointed out President Barack Obama could have done more to combat the hacking at the time Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had said the Russians were responsible and argued the current discussion about the hacking was meant to delegitimize Trump.

“I really believe there are those out there — there are those out there that are trying to delegitimize his presidency, review the election results and you know it,” she said. “[W]e had a president of the United States in October who could have when Mr. Clapper said what he said, could have pushed back harder but did not because what was he doing? He and Hillary Clinton and all of their teams were absolutely believing that she was going to be the next president of the United States.”

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