Spicer: ‘Dishonest’ Press Intentionally ‘Ignore Some Facts’

Sunday on Fox New Channel’s “Media Buzz,” President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer criticized the media for pursuing sensational aspects of stories and described the press as “dishonest.”

Spicer said, “I think some reporters clearly have a bias and choose to only look at part of the story.”

He added, “I also believe that some reporters have chosen to look at the click bait model of reporting, which is to ignore some facts because more will be sensational and will generate more retweets and clicks, and I think that’s dishonest. A job of a good reporter should be that you put all the facts out there, report the entire story in context. And for some reporters they would rather overlook certain facts because the story wouldn’t be as glamorous and sensational.”

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