Tebow on Not Changing Positions, Pursuing Baseball Career: ‘Why Would I Settle?’

During Monday’s “First Take” on ESPN, college football analyst and professional baseball player Tim Tebow discussed not changing positions in the NFL and his pursuit of becoming a Major League Baseball player when pressed by co-host Max Kellerman.

Tebow said life is not about “settling” and doing things you do not want to do, so he decided to pursue his dream of making it to the MLB.

“I thought about it for a while, and I had a lot of different options to play for different teams and for different players, and there’s a couple of ones that I thought about to play with some really good quarterbacks and be an h-back, running back, whatever,” Tebow responded. “But I think for me, more importantly than accepting a job offer, or doing something that I could do, I wanted to do something that I wanted to do. I wanted to pursue something that regardless of what people are going to say, it would be fun for me, it would be a challenge for me, and it would be a dream for me. That’s why I chose to pick up the baseball bat.”

He added, “At a certain point, it’s not about what other people want you to do. It’s what you want to do. It’s your dreams, it’s your life, not everybody else’s life. And I get it that [I] could play football at another position, but why would I settle? Life isn’t about settling, life is about striving. Life is about trying to thrive.”

On his baseball career, Tebow said he is getting ready for spring training, which begins in February, with the New York Mets.

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