Ben Stein: Hollywood ‘Bullies’ Are ‘Trying to Shut Down Free Debate’ Over Trump

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” while discussing liberal entertainers’ dislike of President-elect Donald Trump, former speechwriter Nixon and Ford speechwriter, actor and author Ben Stein said Hollywood is controlled by “thuggish bullies” who were “trying to shut down free debate.”

Stein said, “I’ve earned my living – most of it in the vineyards of Hollywood for the last forty years. And a bigger bunch of bullies you have never seen in your life. Think of the most thuggish bullies from West Side Story and you’ve got it. On the one hand some of them are very nice people. But the are a united, black-listing front that will go against anyone that they think is politically undesirable. They’re not for freedom of speech or freedom of expression. They are exactly the opposite of that.”

“There’s some wonderful people here, Norman Lear is one of them,” he continued. “But this Hollywood in general is trying to shut down free debate within Hollywood. There are plenty of people in Hollywood that like Donald Trump. They’re afraid to say a word about it because they know they are going to be paying consequences. I know this for a fact.”

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