Michael Moore on Hillary Loss: Dems ‘Are Doing Themselves a Disservice’ If They Focus Only on Comey

Thursday on “CNN Tonight,” liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore advised against Democrats putting a total focus on the role FBI Director James Comey may or may not have had in last November’s election.

Moore said there were other reasons President-elect Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

“Democrats are doing themselves a disservice if they just focus on the Comey thing and not on all the other reasons this happened,” he said. “Obviously, this had an impact in the final week of the election. It’s not the only thing though. It’s disgraceful that twice in 16 years the Democrats have won the popular vote and somehow lost the electoral college. That they would let this happened again. That nobody did the math, nobody thought this out, everybody knew what the law was. Hillary didn’t go to Wisconsin for seven months? You know these sort of things.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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