Spicer: Brennan’s ‘Silly Comments’ Calls the Intel Community Into Question

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer criticized CIA director John Brennan’s “silly comments” regarding President-elect Donald Trump and said it calls into question the intelligence community as a whole.

“Look, this is an individual in Brennan that’s supposed to be someone that the president and the president-elect should be able to trust,” Spicer said. “You see him going out there and making pretty outward comments that frankly don’t understand the breadth and depth of Donald Trump’s understanding of Russia. To make a comment like that is clearly not to understand who he is and the understanding of Russia and frankly the entire geopolitical landscape. So, I think when you see someone that’s supposed to be a confidential adviser go out an make silly comments like this, it really makes you question what else that they’ve said or done. I think that’s where the president-elect is coming from on this.”

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