Van Jones: Obama Must Speak Out to Stop Trump From Breaking What He Fixed

Wednesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” discussing how unlike President George W. Bush remaining silent after leaving office, President Barack Obama said today at his final press conference that if President-elect Donald Trump does “something that would merit” him “speaking out” to defend the “core values ” of America he will do so, former Obama administration green jobs czar and network contributor Van Jones said Obama should speak out because “Trump is coming in to break things that Obama fixed.”

Partial transcript as follows:

COOPER: George W. Bush could have said when President Obama became president, well, when the core values of the Second Amendment are threatened I’m going to speak up. Yet, he didn’t. He said he deserved silence. Why doesn’t Donald Trump deserve President Obama’s silence?

JONES: Very simple. Because Obama came in to fix things that W broke. Trump is coming in to break things that Obama fixed. It’s literally the exact opposite situation. W horribly unpopular, passing off a broken economy, passing off two terrible wars, said Obama deserves my silence. Obama passing off a growing economy, passing off at least not two land wars, and frankly a country that under his leadership at least was wrestling with some of these issues around inclusion. Trump coming in basically saying ‘all that sucks, I’m going to break it.’

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