NYT’s Alcindor: Democrats ‘Sound Somewhat Confused,’ Don’t Have ‘Clear Leader’

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor stated that “The Democrats I’m talking to sound somewhat confused,” and “I don’t think they really have a clear leader.”

Alcindor said, “The Democrats I’m talking to sound somewhat confused, and also are trying to figure out how to pick their battles. And part of that is going to be what Donald Trump does first. So right now we’ve seen that he’s carried out his promise to attack the Affordable Care Act on day one. So now they have a very clear target. But when I sat in a lot of those confirmation hearings, and I saw [Senator] Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) running from one confirmation hearing to another, asking for a second round, but by the time they got to her, she was already off grilling another appointee or another nominee. So, Democrats really have to look at this field and say, where are we going to go and how are we going to deploy? And also they – even though [Senator] Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is someone who’s a voice for the party, they don’t — I don’t think they really have a clear leader. I mean, you look at [Senator] Al Franken (D-MN), you look at Elizabeth Warren, these are big voices, but in terms of who people are looking to next — I mean, who’s going to bridge the gap between the Bernie Sanders people and the Clinton people, I don’t think that person’s really emerged yet.”

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