WH Spox: ‘Frustrating,’ ‘Demoralizing’ to Always Face ‘Negative’ Trump Narrative

Monday at the White House press briefing, discussing the press coverage of President Donald Trump, press secretary Sean Spicer decried the “constant theme” from the media, which was a negative narrative.

Spicer said, “I think it’s unbelievably frustrating when you’re continually told it’s not big enough, it’s not good enough, because I think it’s important. He’s gone out and defied the odds over and over and over again. He keeps getting told what he can’t do by this narrative that’s out there and exceeds it every single time. And I think there’s an overall frustration when you turn on the television over and over again and get told that there’s this narrative that you didn’t win, you weren’t going to run, you can’t pick up this state, that’s not — you know, that’s a fool’s errand to go to Pennsylvania.”

“Why is he in Michigan?” he continued. “How silly. They will never vote for him, a Republican hasn’t won that state since ’88. He goes and does it. Then what’s the next narrative? Oh, people aren’t attending anything. John Lewis is the first person to skip an inauguration. Not true, over and over — and then the MLK bust, over and over there’s this constant attempt to undermine his credibility and the movement he represents. It’s frustrating for not just him, but I think so many of us that are trying to work to get this message out.”

He added, “It’s about a constant theme. It’s about sitting here every time and being told, no, we don’t think he can do that. He’ll never accomplish that. He can’t win that. It won’t be the biggest. It’s not going to be that good. The crowds aren’t that big. He’s not that successful. The narrative and default narrative is always negative. And it’s demoralizing. And I think that when you sit here and you realize the sacrifice the guy made of leaving a very, very successful business, because he really cares about this country, and he wants to — despite your partisan differences, he cares about making this country better for everybody. He wants to make it safer for everybody. So, when you wake up every day and that’s what you’re seeing over and over again and you’re not seeing stories about the cabinet folks that he’s putting or the success he’s having trying to keep American jobs here, yeah, it is a little disappointing.”

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