Dem Rep Gutiérrez: Not Used to ‘the Number of White Women’ Complaining to Him About Trump

Tuesday on MSNBC, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) said he was confident Americans will fight back against President Donald Trump’s agenda because he explained, “I’m really not that used to, and I’ve been in Congress 24 years, the number of white women coming up to talk to me.”

Gutiérrez said, “He at this point enters into the presidency with an approval rating that we have not seen in recent history for a president beginning, and he hasn’t had an auspicious start with his, you know, alternate realities and alternate facts that he gives us. Everything in Trump’s world is something that he manufactures to fit his scheme of the world. And his scheme of the world is not one that’s fitting with the reality. That’s why you saw over half a million — you know, I was there, so half a million, I’ll accept it, but I think there were a lot more women than that, and they came truly, truly organically.”

He continued, “I had a town hall meeting last night unprecedented in my congressional district. It was around immigration. That was the issue that we were called to discuss last night. I got to tell you, my heart was just so touched to see people unaffected by our broken immigration system, to see people from, especially white women, the number of white women who felt a need to come out and join and learn and be in solidarity. I’ve got to tell you something, there is something mystical, magical happening out there in the American public, and I want to say thank you to women, because if it had not been for the women calling that march, we would have not come together as Muslims, as immigrants, as environmentalist — you know why we’ll push back on Keystone? Because there was a women’s march in Washington, D.C., and that women’s march was a march for environmental standards, and for our native Americans.”

He added, “I want to talk real quickly about identity politics. Look, I’m used to Latino women coming up and talking to me, pretty used to African-American women and Asian women approaching me and talking to me. I’m really not that used to, and I’ve been in Congress 24 years, the number of white women coming up to talk to me in my congressional district, the number of them calling, the kind of exchanges. I was on the airplane going back Sunday from the march, they all clapped for me, right? Is that really identity politics? A Latino male from the city of Chicago from a Hispanic district with a majority of white women on an airplane were all clapping and celebrating because they felt a kinship with me and I was so thankful to them, for the gift that they gave me of their love, of their applause, and of their approval. We’re each connecting with one another in ways we haven’t ever before.”

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