FNC’s Cavuto: Trump’s ‘No Saint,’ But Press Consistent In Its Inconsistency And ‘Hardly Without Sin’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” host Neil Cavuto stated that while President Donald Trump is “no saint,” the media is “hardly without sin.” And is consistent in its inconsistency.

Cavuto said, “It is as if the mainstream media just can’t get Trump, so they continuing fighting the same old battle going after Trump. Now, that is consistent, so is their inconsistency.”

Cavuto then listed examples, “Like saying there’s zero evidence of widespread voter fraud in the last elections, but apparently plenty of evidence the Russians hacked that election. … Whether it suits your case or your bias. Question whether Trump would accept the results of that election before votes were cast because you had your doubts, don’t even bother asking Hillary Clinton the same question because you had no doubt. Call his different set of facts lies when it comes to judging the size of crowds for this president. But your’s nothing short of an innocent oversight when you overlook a Martin Luther King bust in the office of this president. … He’s thin-skinned when he has the nerve to question your reporting. You’re not you have the nerve to question his questioning your reporting. … He botches things the first day he’s in the White House. You’re not when you were saying he would never make it to the White House. He’s petty when he calls out what you got wrong and says it’s fake news. You’re not when you report him saying that and still insist you’re just reporting the news. So, the New York Times can say Trump lies on its front page. But Hillary Clinton just evolves, explaining any position on anything. Donald Trump’s crowds are crass and loud. Million Women Marcher merger crowds are brave and virtuous.”

He added, “Look, you’re not free not to buy his facts, but you are not free to pick and choose your own facts, just like you’re free to go after his excuses, but make no note of your own. … Trust me, he’s no saint, but you folks are hardly without sin. Because words matter, just like you insist crowds matter. Like when you say his don’t measure up even though during the campaign they were breaking records, yet, you never, ever brought it up. No, he’s reckless. You’re righteous. His executive orders are overreach. His predecessor’s underreported. Face it. Say it. You hate this president. Scream it. Admit it. You loved the last president.”

Cavuto concluded, “you are free not to like him so quit feigning shock when he doesn’t like you.”

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