Haley Barbour: Trump Wall Is a ‘Metaphor’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” former Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS) said President Donald Trump’s border wall was a “metaphor.”

Barbour said, “Let’s talk about whether there has to be anything close. I’m for border security. We need secured border … but a wall is not the best way to get it. There’s variety of technologies ought to be used from boots on the ground, to cameras, to drones to helicopters and yeah, there may be a few places where the wall is the best thing, but I think as this goes through we’ll get the kind of border security people wanted and voted for, and thought that they were going to get way back in 1986 as you remember.”

He added “Alan Simpson, who the bill is named for, said the first thing we promised the America people in 1986 was a secure border and no administration, Democrat or Republican, has produced that. Now Trump’s determined to produce it. I think that when he talks in terms of a wall that is a metaphor. But mainly because that is not the most effective way. We need border security. The thing that Donald Trump got elected because of  — that those Republicans in Philadelphia want to help them with is to grow the economy, more jobs, better paying jobs, whether it’s infrastructure or tax reform that brings home trillions of dollars of assets stranded overseas so that they could be put work here. That’s what this is about. It gets very little attention from the media unfortunately.”

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