Brooks: Trump Says False Things Because He’s ‘A 5-Year-Old Who Has Ego Needs’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks outlined the two theories of why President Donald Trump “tells things that are false” repeatedly, either he’s “an Orwellian figure” or a “5-year-old” and that he believes the latter.

Brooks said, “[T]here are sort of two theories of [why] he tells things that are false all the time. Is it because he’s sort of an Orwellian figure, an authoritarian figure who’s twisting words in an Orwellian manner, ‘1984,’ to exercise power and control people’s minds? Or is he a 5-year-old who has ego needs that need to be fed, and the universe has to warp around his ego needs so he can feel good about himself, and everybody has to produce photos to make the monarch feel like he’s made of gold?”

He added, “I vote on the 5-year-old kid.”

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