FS1’s Whitlock: ESPN Has Gone Political to Try to ‘Perfect’ the World

During the Wednesday “Outkick the Coverage” broadcast on Fox Sports Radio, FS1 personality Jason Whitlock weighed in on his former employer ESPN’s increase in political coverage, saying the company has gone political in attempt to turn the world into more of a controlled safe space where everybody gets along.

Partial transcript as follows, starting at the 18:16 mark:

They believe in the experiment. If you really understand the far left, the Marxists, it’s like they want to take the jungle and turn it into a zoo. The world is a jungle. They want to turn it into a zoo. In a zoo, everybody gets along, everybody stays in their little safe spaces, cages, no one gets killed, there is no real competition, everybody gets fed the same stuff, and so, I think the people at ESPN think, “We can perfect this jungle if we just make it a zoo. No one will get killed. The lions and the giraffes, they’ll look at each other from across their cages and they’ll get along…”

But at the end of the day, I think there are people that rightfully believe, “God created a jungle and we can be nice and play along, but there is going to be some competition here. And if you’re weak, you’re going to get left behind. And if you’re not careful, a lion’s going to come over here and ravage you. That is what the world is.” Again, do we need some parameters within the jungle to make things fair? Absolutely, but turn it into a zoo? No dice.

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