Mississippi High School Policies in Question After Being Home to Numerous Brawls

Following a large brawl at Terry High School in Terry, MS, parents and attorneys are concerned the policies in place are leading to more fights due to how it punishes the students, says a WJTV report.

A large fight took place at Terry High School Monday involving a group of teens.

All six of the teens involved in the fight were arrested and charged for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

It is not the first time Terry High School has had a video of a fight make its way around the Internet. A brawl from September 2016 shows students hitting school staff.

According to a spokesperson for Hinds County School District, a student hit a school resource officer as he attempted to stop a fight between two students. Another employee can be seen in the video trying to protect the officer by removing a student from the fight.

The fight was reportedly a continuance of a fight from a few days before at a basketball game.

Per the Southern Poverty Law Center, Terry High School had 31 arrests in the 2015 school year.

“That’s a 400% increase of school based arrests over the past three years,” Southern Poverty Law Center’s Lydia Wright said. “And those arrests were by and large for willful disobedience or other subjectively defined offenses. Students weren’t getting arrested for bringing weapons to school. Students weren’t getting arrested for drugs on campus. Students were being arrested for typical adolescent misbehavior.”

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