Trump: I Want to Put an Extra ‘F’ in NAFTA for ‘Free and Fair Trade’

Thursday after a meeting at the White House, President Donald Trump laid out his vision for restructuring the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Commerce Secretary desgnee Wilbur Ross and adviser Carl Icahn.

Trump suggested it was time to add an extra “F” to NAFTA for “fair trade.”

“I have very serious concerns about NAFTA,” Trump said. “NAFTA has been a catastrophe for our country. It’s been a catastrophe for our workers and our jobs and our companies. They’re leaving our country. I want to change it. And maybe we do it — maybe we do a new NAFTA and we put an extra ‘F’ in the term NAFTA. You know what the ‘F’ is for, right? Free and fair trade — not just free trade — free and fair trade because it’s very unfair. So all of the statutory guidelines we’re adhering to. I would like to speed it up if possible. And you’re the folks that can do it, Senator, so important.”

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