Maher: Celebrities Criticizing Trump ‘Hurts’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Messy Truth,” HBO host Bill Maher stated of celebrities criticizing President Trump, “I do think it hurts, probably in the long run.”

When asked what he thinks about celebrities criticizing Trump, Maher said that he views what he does differently, because his job is to talk politics, and that celebrities do have a right to criticize the president.

Maher was then asked if he thinks it helps or hurts when celebrities criticize the president, Maher responded, “I do think it hurts, probably in the long run. I can absolutely see the Trump voter out there saying, ‘You know what, Gwyneth Paltrow, our lives are so much alike, but you’ll excuse me while I’m putting on your $120 a jar face cream, if I don’t follow you word for word on politics.'”

He added, “[C]elebrities, in general, with many notable exceptions, are blithering idiots. … I mean, that’s not where — their talent is in the emotional area, in the dramatic area. But sometimes they can sound dumb, when they’re asked to comment on stuff that requires, you know, book learnin’, and reading and stuff like that, and they just repeat cliches and talking points and stuff. Now, there are some other ones who are absolutely brilliant, and I love hearing them. I love hearing Barbara Streisand, or Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, you know, people who are — you know, Clooney, these are news junkies. These are smart people.”

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