Trump on Immigration Policy: ‘I Said We Will Get the Criminals Out’ — ‘We’re Getting Them Out’

Monday at a joint news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Donald Trump defended his young administration’s policy on immigration and reiterated he was keeping a promise he had made during the campaign.

Trump was asked about the northern border between the United States and Canada being totally secure, it which he replied you could never be “totally confident,” but he praised his Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly for his effort thus far.

“You can never be totally confident, but through the incredible efforts already, I see it happening … of Secretary Kelly,” Trump said.
“We have really done a great job. We’re actually taking people that are criminals — very, very hardened criminals, in some cases –with a tremendous track record of abuse and problems and we’re getting them out. And that’s what I said I would do. I’m just saying we are doing what I said I would do when we won by a very, very large Electoral College vote. And I knew this would happen and this is what people were wanting.”

“And that wasn’t my only thing that we did so well on, but that was something that was very important,” he continued. “And I said we will get the criminals out, the drug lords, the gang members, we’re getting them out. General Kelly, who is sitting right here, is doing a fantastic job. And I said at the beginning, we are going to get the bad ones, the really bad ones, we’re getting them out. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. in the end, everyone is going to be extremely happy and a lot of people are very, very happy right now.”

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