Gowdy: Democrat Call for Hearings on Mike Flynn Are ‘Politically Motivated’

Wednesday on the Fox News Channel, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) responded to the growing chorus of congressional Democrats calling for public hearings to be held on the short-lived tenure of Mike Flynn as National Security Adviser.

Gowdy was asked by “America’s Newsroom” host Bill Hemmer where he stood on those hearing, to which Gowdy said the nature of “public hearings” show a motivation of politics and not getting to the bottom of any potential wrongdoing.

“The more information, the better,” Gowdy replied. “The more evidence, the better. But think back to yesterday, Bill. One of my Democratic colleagues said he wants public hearings —public hearings on classified information. Whenever someone says they want public hearings about a classified matter, you just know they’re not serious. So, Congress is capable of investigating. In fact, we did it in the committee I was on — 99 out of our 100 interviews were done in private. The Democrats want this to be a public story. They’re much more interested in the politics of it than they are actually finding out what happened.”

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