Dem Rep Schiff: Trump’s Media ‘Enemy’ Tweet Sounds Like What ‘Tin-Pot Dictators Say’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,”  Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said President Donald Trump‘s tweet calling media an “enemy” to the American people was “something that you hear tin-pot dictators say.”

Schiff said, ‘Well I didn’t think I could be shocked anymore by this president, but I have to say, of all the things he has said since he became president, or since the election, this, to me, was the most devastating and the most alarming, that he essentially views the First Amendment — because that’s what these organizations represent — as an enemy of the people.”

“This is something that you hear tin-pot dictators say when they want to control all of the information,” he continued. “It’s not something you have ever heard a president of the United States say. Not even Nixon went there. And it is deeply concerning. I hope it is repudiated by people from both parties because this is not America.”

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