Video Released of Incident Involving Darrelle Revis Shows Two Victims Knocked Out

TMZ Sports obtained video reportedly from a Feb. 12 incident involving New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis that is the aftermath of an assault.

In the video, a man off-camera is standing over two unconscious men saying, “I knocked both of these motherf***ers out. Both of them. They [are] both sleeping. Shut up before I knock your a** out next.”

The identity of the man bragging about having knocked the two men out is unclear, but TMZ Sports speculates the man is Revis because he is the only one who has been charged with a crime from the incident.

In the criminal complaint filed against Revis, a witness told authorities Revis was screaming, “Do you want to be next?”

According to USA Today, Revis’ attorneys deny any wrongdoing by their client, adding that the voice in the video is a different voice.

The 31-year-old cornerback faces a preliminary hearing on Thursday after turning himself in to authorities on Friday.

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