Watch: Georgia Boy Battling Cancer Gets Turned Into Superhero

Robert Hart, 12, was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2010, says a Fox 5 report.

While the treatments have taken a toll on his body, Robert continues to fight cancer with a smile on a face.

To fulfill his request, non-profit Be the Change reached out to SMASH Gym, a stunt move training gym in Atlanta, to help turn Robert into a superhero stuntman for a day.

The gym dressed him up as Superman, then taught him how to fight villains and fly using a harness.

Robert’s face was lit up with a smile the entire day.

His mother says he is currently doing well and she is happy her boy gets to be a kid while he is off treatment.

While off treatment, Robert is able to participate in supervised physical activity like being a superhero stuntman.

Robert recently underwent treatment in Seattle that did not work, but he and his family are hopeful an upcoming treatment in Philadelphia will be more successful.

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