Scarborough: Trump’s First Month Makes it Harder to Call Him ‘Mr President’

Tuesday on CBS’ “The Late Show,” MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough said President Donald Trump’s first month in office has made it harder to call him “Mr. President.”

Scarborough said, “He’s been Donald Trump forever, he’s been Donald forever. It’s kind of hard to start calling him Mr. President. And I’ll be really honest with you, the way he’s acted over the past month has made it even harder to call him Mr. President.”

He added, “I think we as Americans should not cheer against our president like Rush Limbaugh said he was doing with Barack Obama. I think we should pray for our president. But that requires all of us as Americans to do what we can when the president is not doing what he needs to be doing to stand up and do our part, too. And right now I think it’s the responsibility of all Americans, especially Republicans, and especially Republicans in the Senate, that when you have a president of the United States that questions judicial review and questions the legitimacy of a federal judge to stand up and say this is not right and we are going to call it out.”

“When you have a president that actually questions free speech, the First Amendment, and news organizations that are doing their job, I think it’s incumbent upon my party especially to stand up right now and speak out,” Scarborough continued. “Because I always say this of everybody who gets in the White House you think you are the center of the world now, you don’t own this place you are renting this place out. The American people are letting you have this. The Republican party needs to know, there is going to be a time after Donald Trump, and they are going to be judged for the next 50 years about how they respond to the challenges of today.”

(h/t The Hill)

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